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What is it?

The Caring Leadership Self-Assessment is a tool to help you define your personal leadership behavior and identify key areas for growth so you can become known as a leader with heart.

This assessment was developed from research collected and analyzed to measure nine distinct areas of caring leadership. To learn more about the process of developing this assessment and how best to utilize the results, download the technical manual below which contains an overview and empirical results.


Everyone who takes the Caring Leadership Self-Assessment will receive a report that will highlight areas in which they can improve. You will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to a more detailed report which will provide you with additional insights.

Use the chart below to find the perfect Caring Leadership Self-Assessment solution for your situation and click "Get Started" to begin taking the Self-Assessment now.

Advanced Report With Benchmarking


  • Percentile score compared to other Caring Leaders in Development
  • Overall Caring Leadership Profile (low, medium, high)
  • Overall Caring Leadership Profile (low, medium, high)
  • 9 percentile scores for each of the Caring Leader behaviors + detailed descriptions of each behavior
  • Description of score (low, medium, high) for each of the 9 traits, includes specifics of leaders in the same range as you
  • Moving forward section to recommend next steps for your leadership journey
  • Benchmarking so you can see where you stack up against your peers in similar positions

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Who is it for?

The Caring Leadership Self-Assessment is for anyone who aspires to spark real change at work by engaging and inspiring those they lead.

Why should you take it?

  • Sharpen your leadership skills
  • Bolster employee wellbeing
  • Gain a competitive advantage

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