Inspire Loyalty
with Your Leadership

The Caring LeadershipÂŽ eco-system teaches the
renowned 9 behaviors of Caring Leadership and
essential skills for people at all levels of the organization.


Have you noticed...


Great people leaving costing you time and money?
Employees seem disengaged?

Caring Leadership builds bridges for organizations to ensure emotional and social intelligence, cultural competency, and strategies for active listening resulting in success in all areas of business.

Because every employee deserves to go to a job they love with leaders who show they care for them.

Caring Leaders. Engaged Employees. Magnetic Culture.

The 9 Behaviors of Caring LeadershipÂŽ

Our proven process has shown to get predictable outcomes and measurable results for organizations, teams, and individuals.

Whole Person Leadership

You consider your employees’ lives in aggregate—including what‘s happening in their lives outside of work. You help them deal with personal issues, and you meet them where they are to demonstrate you value their entire truth.

Self Leadership

You understand the purpose behind why you lead, you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you regularly engage in self-care before attempting to care for others.

Team Decision Making

You involve team members in decision-making and problem-solving, thus engaging with a diversity of perspectives to achieve greater innovation.

Team Resilience

You give others the skills to bounce back from adversity and help them reframe challenge as an opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Strengths-Based Leadership

You actively search for the gifts within those you lead, and you go out of your way to encourage the growth of other people’s talents.

Psychological Safety

You establish psychological safety by fostering a judgment-free and inclusive environment where everyone feels secure in speaking up and taking risks.

Listening Cultures

You establish psychological safety by fostering a judgment-free and inclusive environment where everyone feels secure in speaking up and taking risks.

Belonging at Work

You seek to honor colleagues’ diverse experiences and perspectives, educating yourself about other peoples’ challenges so you can build a culture or belonging.

Employee Empowerment

You trade micromanagement for clear expectation setting and intentional delegating, thereby granting employees full agency and confidence to succeed.

Choose Your Path

At Employee Fanatix, we’ve developed different ways for you to grow, serve, and lead and inspire more loyalty with employees and customers with Caring Leadership.

Free Kit

Caring LeadershipÂŽ Kit...A free gift of resources designed to help you reach your full potential as a Caring Leader. Access Free Gifts Including Caring LeadershipÂŽ Videos, Active Listening Guides, Accountability Plans, and Resources.

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This Free 30-minute webinar presents new research findings on the state of employee engagement for 2023-2024 conducted exclusively for Employee Fanatix by an independent research lab.

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Outlines nine ways that leaders can make all employees feel included and cared for. 

Includes access to a self-assessment so you can measure your progress as a caring leader.

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Take the Caring Leadership Assessment today to learn how you can become known as a leader with heart. This resource can be purchased individually or in bundles.

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Transforming culture from the inside out isn’t difficult if you have the right tools and support. Become a Certified Art of Active Listening Facilitator™.

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Leading With Purpose: The Ultimate Masterclass. In this masterclass by Heather R Younger, we will prove that productivity and profit increase as people become the priority.

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