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In this masterclass available for organizations, we will prove that productivity and profit increase as people become the priority. Caring Leadership™ is showing care and concern to those who look to you for guidance. If you represent a sales force, a leadership team, a department, or a group of people at work, this is the time for you to step up and step into your full potential as an organization.

Turn your purpose-driven people into champions for culture change with this self-paced video series and workbook that will walk them through the process step-by-step.


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“There has never been a more urgent time for this leadership content.”


Get a sneak-peek into the depth, quality, and originality of Heather’s Masterclass which can be uploaded directly into your organization's e-learning system.


Section 1 Module 1: Learning How to Lead Yourself First

Section 8 Module 2: The Power of Setting Clear Expectations

Companion Workbook Available for Purchase

The Leading With Purpose Workbook fosters a culture of Caring Leadership™ within your team by encouraging a deeper exploration of the concepts. We will support your people in this endeavor by offering supplementary exercises, thought-provoking discussion topics, engaging quizzes, and reflective questions. These resources will enable your leaders to empower and inspire their team members, ultimately cultivating an organizational environment so fulfilling that individuals will want to stay and customers will rave.

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Modules To Help People Lead With Intention

32 high-quality videos that walk leaders through the nine Caring Leadership® behaviors step-by-step. Upload the videos into your company's e-learning management system (ELMS.)

Self-Leadership: Nurturing personal accountability and growth through introspection and goal-setting across 5 modules.
Belonging At Work: Fostering inclusive environments and community engagement in 3 comprehensive modules.
Strengths-Based Leadership: Maximizing individual potential and organizational success through a focus on strengths across 3 modules.
Team Decision Making: Enhancing collaboration and effective decision-making processes within teams through 4 modules.
Whole Person Leadership: Integrating personal values and well-being into leadership practices across 4 modules.
Listening Cultures: Cultivating environments of active listening and empathy in 2 modules.
Psychological Safety: Building trust and openness within teams to encourage innovation and risk-taking in 4 modules.
Employee Empowerment: Empowering individuals to take ownership and initiative in their roles across 3 modules.
Team Resilience: Strengthening team dynamics and adaptability in the face of challenges through 4 modules.

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